The necessity of a vaccination schedule

Babies bring the sunshine of joys to life. Their health and happiness are the most important things for the parents.  One of the easiest and the most cost-effective was to ensure that babies stay healthy and happy is by immunizing them against serious and life-threatening diseases to which they are especially vulnerable.

Many parents wonder if vaccinations can be delayed till their baby is a little bit older thinking that he/ she will be able to handle both the pain of the prick and the side-effects better when he/ she is a little older. But, this is a wrong course of action. Immunization has to be strictly given as per a schedule decided after years of research and careful scientific study. This schedule is designed to function with a child’s immune system at specific ages and at precise times. The best time to immunize against each disease varies and to be fully protected, your child will require each dose at that critical time when he/ she is the most susceptible.

Why on schedule?

Each vaccine dose is scheduled as per two key factors

  1. The need to provide your baby with optimum protection when he/ she most needs it
  2. The age when his/ her immune system is best equipped to handle it.

Moreover, if there a two or three doses of the same vaccine they have to be spaced out to work the best.

For the best protection, vaccinations need to be given on time. ‘On time’ means on or as close as possible to the due date in accordance with the guidelines given by the IPA Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP 2016).  This schedule gives the right age at which your child should be vaccinated to get the optimum protection. Click here to download the vaccination schedule…

What to do if your child is ill?

If your child is really unwell (running fever or something more serious), immunization may have to be postponed by a few days. This should be decided only after consultation with your doctor. Your doctor will also advise you regarding catch-up vaccinations and will help you plan a schedule to update your child’s immunization records.

So …do not hesitate…be sure to vaccinate2protect on time to give your child the best shot at health and immunity.

To download the IAP vaccination schedule, click here

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